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You can personalize your affiliate tools below, by entering your JVZoo Affiliate URL, Full Name and Web Site URL (Where you will copy the images to) in the fields below and then clicking on the "Personalize" button. This will dynamically insert the info you entered into All the tools below. You can then copy each tools code and paste into your documents and advertise them all over the web to earn yourself hefty 40% commissions on all sales where you can earn up to $78.80 from a single sale! There are no up sells, down sells or sales funnels.


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Commissions Payout Structure



Licence Multi-Site
Time Frame Price Comm Pays
Pre-Launch: 03/04 - 03/13 $17 40% $6.80
Launch: 03/14 - 03/23 $27 40% $10.80
Post Launch: 03/24 - 04/02 $37 40% $14.80
Special Price: 04/03 - 04/12 $47 40% $18.80
Dime Sale Starts
Discount Price: 04/01/16
From $47
up to $197
40% From $18.80
up to $78.80



Commissions Payout Structure
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